AMP Energy Efficiency EE800
Automated Power Optimization System:
The Next Generation of
Power Management

Making the World a Cleaner and Greener Place...
One Watt at a Time

  • Reduce electric bills and improve equipment performance, delivering a typical ROI in 24-36 months or less!
  • Optimize the electrical efficiency of your facility with innovative power correction and measurement systems.
  • Improve your efficiencies, extending the life of your existing equipment.
  • Increase power capacity within your building.
  • Includes SPIDER™ Electrical Management System(EMS)—
    a complete internet-accessible power-monitoring and
    measuring system
  • Guaranteed to save you power and money!

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Green Energy EE800 Power Optimization System SPIDER Dashboard Measurable Results...Guaranteed EE800 Internal View

Measurable Results...Guaranteed!

Patent-Pending Technology

Designed and manufactured in the USA, the EE800 is an innovative, patent-pending, electrical power correction and measurement system that optimizes and balances electricity consumption. The Result: reduced overall electrical energy bills and an ROI in 36 months or less.

Total engineering solutions reduce high demand kW, inefficient and wasted electricity, and high maintenance costs associated with electrical disturbance in high power equipment. The EE800 will help maintain a level power factor throughout your facility, ultimately reducing your electricity bill. Each unit can be customized for your facility's needs for best results.

Innovative & Unique Technology

The EE800 system monitors multiple electrical parameters in real time and generates continual automatic capacitive corrective measures and power balance measures (per phase) by optimizing:

  • voltage and current imbalance
  • harmonic distortion
  • Increases power capacity
  • neutral line current
  • power factor utilization

These automated corrective actions result in reduced electrical energy costs and improved equipment performance. Typical monthly energy savings range from 5% up 10% and even more.

Key Benefits

Reduces electric bills an average rang from 5% up to 10% and even more
36 month or less Return On Investment
Integrated power recording and management system: Measurable guessing!
Increases power capacity within your facility
Reduces wear on motors and compressors: Improved efficiencies extend the life of your equipment
Reduces utility demand charges 20%-30% depending on inductive loads
Financing options available.
UL and ETL Tested, approved, and certified
Designed, manufactured, and tested in the USA

Plug Into a World of Green Energy Savings

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