The Electrical Energy Evaluation Process

Improving energy efficiency and conservation are essential to achieving environmental sustainability. They are the simplest ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and other forms of air pollution such as acid rain and smog. Good energy management starts with a basic energy audit. The dual benefits of dollar savings and environmental protection from energy efficiency and conservation improvements are highlighted in such an audit. Integrated Green Solutions follows a definite process to gather and interpret the electrical energy information during a walk-thru audit. The process is based by years of experience and engineering to make it fast, simple and rewarding for the client.

1) Exploration Meeting

exploration meeting

First, we meet with you to discuss ways to potentially lower your energy bill. Your energy professional will determine, with you, whether your facility would be a good candidate for an energy optimization survey and ultimately an optimized electrical system. One of the basic indicators is the facility utility bills which should be available for this meeting.

2) Electrical Survey


Next, if your facility qualifies, an electrical site survey of your facility is conducted. During the survey, we look for equipment problems, weak points and design an energy optimization system that will yield the best results for your facility. During the survey electrical data is collected, understanding is determined as to the building use and operation and a basic energy profile is developed. Some of the data collected includes utility bills, building drawings, and a physical examination (walk-through) of the building to determine monthly and annual energy usage, electrical demand, facility energy production, and related metrics. In most cases an electrician is required to take meter readings of a subset of electrical subpanels in the facility.

3) Survey Results and Solutions


We then review our findings with you and your potential energy savings in terms of a lower electric bill, tax advantages, maintenance, and repair savings. We will then provide a definitive solution for you; clearly outline the cost of the system, the total savings, and the return on investment. This material will be provided to you for your review.

4) Equipment Installation


A licensed electrician will install your new electrical optimization system(s) equipment and answer any questions. We will also work with your IT Department to add a communications connection for the installed units so you are able to monitor your facility's electrical activity. Once installed, the system will immediately begin decreased energy usage, and a lower electric bill. No further maintenance is required.