EE800 Series Power Optimization Systems

Wall Mount Units

The Next Generation of Power Management

Reduce electricity costs up to 10% and even more with an ROI payback of less than 36 months.

The EE800 units are affordable, innovative electrical power correction and measurement systems that optimize and balance electricity consumption. Our systems reduce overall electrical energy bills up to 10% and even more, all within an ROI of less than 36 months. The unique system monitors multiple electrical parameters in real time and generates continual automatic power corrective measures (per phase) that optimize voltage imbalance, current imbalance, harmonic distortion, neutral line current, and power factor. These automated corrective actions result in reduced electrical energy costs and improved equipment performance.

The system also provides a complete internet accessible power monitoring system that records and displays 2-years of critical electrical information such as voltage, current, power factor, voltage and current imbalance, neutral line current, harmonic distortion, and energy savings.

Power Saving Benefits

• Reduced harmonics
• Reduced negative energy
• Improved line balance
• Reduced neutral line currents
• Reduced demand charges
• Reduced power system losses

Operational Benefits

• Increase load carrying capacity
• Improved voltage
• Improved motor efficiencies
• Optimized power utilization
• Real time energy parameters recording
• Real time electric usage reporting

Electrical Monitoring & Internet Accessibility

Our SPIDER™ software management system provides a complete internet accessible power monitoring system. SPIDER™ interfaces with the CAT5 connection to provide the ability to see your actual electric consumption historically as well as Kw, KVA, KVAR, voltage, demand savings, amps, temperature, imbalances, THD and the system status.

With an innovative Dashboard "Tool Box", SPIDER™ technology provides detailed visibility of electrical usage on key elements that impact cost.

SPIDER Dashboards
• Stores 2 years of downloadable critical electrical information
• Provides detailed visibility of electrical usage on key elements that impact cost
• Pinpoints, corrects and reports patterns and anomalies and addresses areas of waste
• Stores up unlimited historical data on your desktop for data acquisition and process management, plus an integrated UPS for clock and data protection...and much more!
• Can be accessed via internet remotely from any place in the world
• View 12 discreet measurements being measured – monitored and corrected—real time 24/7
• Ability to download information for decision making to Excel Spreadsheet or Word Doc format for any given time frame for individual units or all units simultaneously. API for connection to BMS.

ETL Tested, approved, and certified

ETL Certification consisted of 50,000 hours of on/off testing of our unique new "Patent Pending"—software based live capacitor switching device which has never been accomplished in the electrical measuring and monitoring segment of the industry.

ETL also verified the unit's ability to store and release electric energy—on demand in a passive "soft start," as opposed to traditional "hard start," currently the standard in the industry.

Includes an integrated power recording and management state of the art monitoring – measuring and optimization programmed software package: The EE800 System incorporates intelligent processors for the specific purpose of matching the client's power utilization operations cycle. It monitors the power curve and tracks and optimizes power fluctuations, supplying "real-time" solutions such as:

• Capacitance for matching power fluctuations
• Correcting imbalances
• Improving harmonic distortion
• Reverts to standby mode when not needed
• Built-in Artificial Intelligence learns and anticipates usage patterns
• Constantly makes adjustments in the power distribution system to cut spikes in demand then makes real-time adjustments (1/60th of a cycle per second)

EE800 Series Power Optimization Products

  EE800A EE800B EE800C EE800E
Size 208V 208V 370V 480V
KVAR 10Kvar 17Kvar 17Kvar 32Kvar
  • Each unit is designed for specific applications based on size of clients' power panels—208V, 370V, 480V and the demands of the applications associated with each panel

  • Each installation is audited—sized and engineered for maximum performance

  • Each unit is individually applied or used in tandem groupings (depending on the needs of the application), and will produce maximum energy reduction and a typical payback in 36 months or less through the reduction in the facility's energy billing charges!

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